Influential Retail Design

Back to the subject. Retail design. From the retail design I came across in books or on the internet, one design firm kept re-appearing; Pompei AD. This New York based design company has an impressive track record and an inspiring approach. Here are some examples of their work.

Urban Outfitters has become a merchandising powerhouse by catering to its target market of 18 – 30 year olds. Each store is site specific, adapting to its surroundings. Here in Ireland, we haven’t  any of the big stores, just a very very small one in Temple Bar in Dublin and maybe one in Belfast. However, when I was in San Diego of summer 08, me and my friends literally spent a good 2 hours in the one shop, it was amazing! You could sit and read, watch, try on, relax… talk and much more. It was simply a really great space to be in, and we didn’t want to leave.

There aren’t any decent pics on the net of U.O. so follow the link at the bottom of the post to view imagery and project summaries of Pompei Ad’s work.

These instore displays and installations are from Anthropologie. Ron Pompei is a trained artist and sculpture so much of his work is conceptually driven. I think this idea of using ‘art’ in the context of delivering a brand identity or an experience is far more visually compelling than constantly sticking to predictable, boring or safe graphic design and visual merchandising.

>>> More visually compelling design = Better visual stimulation

These are photos showing the L’Oreal Colour Space interactive, pop-up, travelling showroom! It’s designed in the round to allow customers to navigate around all the beauty stands.

… And some imagery from the New World of Coca Cola, in Atlanta Georgia.

Here’s a link to Pompei AD’s website; Pompei’s environmental space design displays a clear understanding of good, stimulating design. Ron Pompei bases his design on C3; Commerce, Culture and Community. Community being the third place outside of home and work, where commerce and culture interplay to provide the comunity. His design aims are based on creating environments where people can meet, socialize, shop and learn. Genius.


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